Dearest Plague Rats,

So much has been happening in the Asylum of late, it's nearly impossible to know where to begin.... I cannot lie to you, PRs -- I am overwhelmed, overwrought, overworked, yet still overjoyed, because of the reason for my being thus...the reason is you, my Muffins, my Plague Rats, my Asylum Army. My inmates and I have got so much in the works to share with you, and I will gladly forego sleep if it will bring us together that much sooner, and oh, Plague Rats...it will;).

For starts! We have long been dreaming of spreading the Plague to South America, and we are quite determined to make that nocturnal fantasy a bloody reality, and soon! But the Asylum needs your help, and fast. PRs of South America, YOU can help to bring the Asylum to your home this very FALL by joining the campaign to Spread the Plague to South America, Fall 2010!

Mission One:

Contact your local clubs and promoters and let them know that you would like to see Emilie Autumn in South America.

Here are just a few clubs and cities that we do quite strongly suggest you begin with, and YOU yourselves can make this happen.

-Inferno Club (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
-Niceto Club (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
-Rock & Guitarras (Santiago, Chile)
-Teatro La Mama (Bogota, Colombia)
-Moulin Rouge (Caracas,Venezuela)

Organize and unite, gather together for Muffin Meetups, hold Asylum Army training sessions, and come up with your own genius ways to campaign, as we in the Asylum are campaigning for the opportunity to meet you, our South American PRs! We know you can do this...we believe in you.

Oh my...you've got absolutely no idea how very thrilled we are at the prospect of singing with you...it's indescribable...Sir Edward is hiding striped wallpaper scraps to build us new corsets with, and Basil is doing backflips with a digestive biscuit in his mouth...I wish you could see it...

Tan solo un dia después...:

Ya nos comunicamos con la agencia y management, pidan que contesten y la traemos !!


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